Analysis of the development status of glass industry原图25 (287)

Chapter 1: The definition, characteristics, uses, development history, market size, and subdivision types of laminated fireproof glass products, the application fields and China’s various regions of the laminated fireproof glass market size analysis;

Chapter 2: Under the background of carbon neutrality, the global carbon emission trend, the development status of carbon emission reduction, the industrial configuration of laminated fireproof glass, the global market size, and the domestic and foreign market status and competition comparison analysis in 2021;

Chapter 3: Under the background of carbon neutrality, the economic and policy environment analysis of laminated fireproof glass industry;

Chapter 4: Carbon emission reduction progress and status quo analysis of sandwich fireproof glass enterprises (decarbonization/net zero target setting, main strategic analysis, enterprise status and competition analysis in 2021, and enterprise outlook and competition analysis in 2027);

Chapter 5: The impact of “carbon neutrality” on the industry chain of laminated fireproof glass (industry chain, upstream and downstream industry development status and forecast, enterprise transformation suggestions);

Chapter 6: Introduces the development status of the leading enterprises in the laminated fireproof glass industry, including company profile, latest development, market performance, product and service introduction, and the impact analysis of the carbon neutrality target in 2060 on the business of the enterprises.

Chapter 7: The suitable path of carbon peak and carbon neutralization in China’s sandwich fireproof glass industry, as well as the key technologies and potential analysis of carbon neutralization.

Post time: Oct-13-2022