Can you make sand painting?
Sand painting is made by hand, which is a painting made of sand. First, there is a self-adhesive touch plate with a painted pattern, each part of which is outlined with a knife in advance. The painter only needs to gently lift each part with a toothpick when making the painting, and then pour the sand of his favorite color on it (the self-adhesive will naturally stick to the sand). Sand painting combines modern aesthetics and relies on profound cultural deposits and connotations. Using the natural color sand produced from the magical nature, by hand exquisite. With bright lines and soft colors, the works express the profound thoughts contained in art into a popular aesthetic feeling, which has a visual impact effect, achieving the perfect combination of unique artistic concept and ornamental effect. Its unique way of expression is loved by people at home and abroad. Just as no two leaves are exactly the same, the color sand painting made by pure handicraft has the same uniqueness, which makes the high-level hand-made sand painting have both ornamental value and collection value.

The production procedure of sand painting:

1 Use a bamboo skewer to pick out the adhesive surface paper to be colored, and scatter the colored sand you think is suitable on it after exposing the adhesive surface; (Usually remove the outline and sprinkle with dark colored sand)

2 Shake evenly, gently knock off the excess color sand;

3. Then pick other parts and sprinkle them with colored sand.

Post time: Dec-09-2022