white diatomaceous earth for paint and coating,325 mesh calcined diatomite in powder

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Hebei, China
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paint and coating
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Product Description
Diatomite is also known as Diatomaceous Earth, Kieselguhr, Kieselgur, and Celite. It is a
naturally occurring, soft, chalk-like, sedimentary rock and is primarily composed of the fossilized remains of unicellular fresh water plants, Diatoms.
The powder has abrasive feeling which is similar to pumice powder. It is very light-weight because of its porosity.
Diatomite is deposited by the remains of single-celled aquatic algae under certain
geological conditions. Diatomite is characterized by porosity, large specific surface area, low density, good adsorption, acid
resistance and heat resistance. The filter aid produced by our company is made of diatomaceous earth as raw material through
drying, crushing, mixing, calcination, air air separation, classification and other processes. Its function is to separate solid
and liquid from liquid and to clarify filtrate.
Product Name
Diatomite powder/Diatomite Granule
200~1250 mesh
powder /granule
white yellow
chemical composition
SiO2 Al2O3 Fe2O3 CaO MgO
Melting point
large porosity, strong absorption, stable chemical properties, wear resistance and heat resistance
Agro pharmaceutical industry / compound fertilizer / rubber industry / building thermal insulation / cement additives
50kg/bag、 one ton bag
Product Application

1. Condiment: monosodium glutamate, soy, vinegar, salad oil, colza oil, etc.

2. Beverage: beer, rat fee, yellow wine, fruit juice, wine, beverage syrupy, etc.


4. Chemical products: organic acid, mineral acid, alkyd, oil paint, vinylite, etc.

5. Industrial oil products: lubricating oil, additives of lubricating oil, petroleum
additive, trussed metal sheet oil, transformer oil, coal tar, etc.

6. Water treatment: daily waste water, industrial waste water, effluent treatment, swimming pool water, etc.

7. Sugar Industry: fruit syrup, glucose, starch sugar, sucrose, etc.
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Company Introduction
Lingshou County Yuchuan Mineral Products Processing Factory was established in 2010, Which mainly produces and sells non-metallic mineral products, including colored sand, vermiculite, luminous stone, quartz sand, tourmaline, medical stone, calcium powder, kaolin, talcum powder, bentonite, glass powder, barite powder, fluorite powder, etc. Mineral products.and now has 5 branches after years of operation.
The product quality of our factory is real-time stratified, segmented, graded and
accountable for all employees. The quality of the management is strictly controlled.

Certificate Introduction
Certificate Introduction
Certificate Introduction

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