4-5 mm calcium sulfite ceramic granular/ dechlorinator calcium sulfite ball for aquarium purification

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Hebei, China
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water treatment
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Treatment of 400L driing water:
99% (5g)

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Calcium Sulfite Ball is composed of 90% Calcium Sulfite.
It is widely used in swimming pool, shower, bath club, chlorine removing equipment and etc.
CaSO3 ball has optimal performance in removing chlorine, including C10-, HC10, Cl2, and
could remove 99% Chlorine in 0.8 seconds.
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Calcium Sulfite Ceramic Dechlorination balls are formulated with CaSO3 and all natural minerals to naturally purify and revitalize your water,which are heated to temperatures over 800 ℃ in the stove for more than 10 hour.
The Balls should effciently remove the residual chlorine compounds, Also balls should inhibit the growth of bacteria, improve the
content of dissolved oxygen, adsorb harmful heavy metals, clean and mineralizedwater quality, adjust the PH value of water.
Main functions:
* Remove residual chlorine;Including chemical sexual residual chlorine and free residual chlorine ClO – (hypochlorous acid ions),
HOCl (hypochlorous acid), Cl2 (chlorine), etc. Making the chlorine in the tap water become into harmless elements for human
* Adsorption impurities in the water
* Compared with the KDF copper zinc alloy, lower production cost, remove chlorine more effective.The product is pure natural, pollution-free, antibacterial, antifungal, no static. Compared with the conventional activated carbon addition to residual chlorine, calcium sulfite addition to residual chlorine are efficient, safe, heat-resistant, bacteria and other advantages, in addition to more effective chloride. Purified, mineralized water, adjust the PH value of water .
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The dechlorination ball is produced by using high pure CaSO3, Its main function and working principle is as below:
- Excellent efficiency of remove residual chlorine in water.
- Diminution of bad smell, bad taste, impurities, organic matter.
-The product is pure natural, pollution-free, antibacterial.
Company Introduction
Our factory has always been adhering to The concept of "integrity-based, win-win
cooperation". Our factory mainly produces and sells non-metallic mineral products, including colored sand, vermiculite, luminous stone, quartz sand, tourmaline, medical stone, calcium powder, kaolin, talcum powder, bentonite, glass powder, barite powder, fluorite powder, etc. Mineral products.

Q1: Do you receive customized order?
A1: Yes, ODM & OEM are welcomed.
Q2: How can I pay for you?
A2: After you confirm our PI, we will request you to pay. T/T or L/C is the most usual ways we are using.

Q3: Is this price your real price??
A3:Yes, but the price is floating, i suggest you contact us before you place an order

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