Our factory mainly produces and sells non-metallic mineral products, including colored sand, vermiculite, luminous stone, quartz sand, tourmaline, medical stone, calcium powder, kaolin, talcum powder, bentonite, glass powder, barite powder, fluorite powder, etc. Mineral products
The recent evolution of perlite product technology is the transformation of perlite fireproof insulation board skills. Made a greater contribution in the construction industry. This is a domestic pioneering work, and the role of perlite in it is out of words.
This new technology has been certified by an authoritative department, and it is mainly based on perlite resources as the research object. What needs to be done is to optimize the combination of its pore structure and the composition of the cement. Systematic research has been carried out on the preparation technology of high-temperature solid-phase perlite composite main material and low-temperature solidified perlite mineral polymer material, and finally we have obtained a key preparation technology: developed low bulk density and thermal conductivity, compressive strength and flexural strength The fireproof and thermal insulation board with high frost resistance, wind erosion resistance and weather resistance has successfully solved the problems of large thermal conductivity, large construction
damage rate, high open-hole expansion and water absorption, and low cost, and maintains the volume of perlite Light weight, porous, self-insulating performance and inorganic fireproofing advantages.

Hand painted pebbles refer to particles with a particle size greater than 5mm formed by the action of natural conditions. Pebbles are gradually formed after a long time. The formation process of pebbles can be divided into two stages. The first stage is rock weathering and collapse; The second stage is the stage when the rock is transported and rounded by the river.The factory produces and sells its own products, and the quality is absolutely guaranteed. You can purchase with confidence. Strict screening of raw materials for better performance.
Use in flower arrangements, walkways, water features, exposed aggregate flooring or walls, around swimming pools it could also be used to as an accent to an aquariums, water gardens, ponds, and terrariums.
Add an extra beauty in your garden or just outside your house. This is a perfect home decor and a creative interior and exterior design Prevents erosion, helps soil retain moisture helps you keep clean and nice all of your decoration places.

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