The role of glass marbles

Industrial sandblasting application
1. Sandblasting the aerospace parts to eliminate their stress to increase fatigue strength and reduce friction and wear
2. Sand blasting, rust removal, paint removal, carbon removal, and machining tool marks
3. Treatment before anodizing and electroplating can increase adhesion in addition to cleaning
4. Cleaning of weld bead of stainless steel workpiece and removal of surface scratches, etc.
5. Cleaning and rust removal of wire cutting molds
6. Decontamination of rubber molds
7. Road markings are used for reflection
8. For decoration of handicraft appearance
Grinding medium
The glass beads made of soda lime glass have good chemical stability, certain mechanical strength and hardness, so the abrasive material has the following advantages over other abrasive materials:
1. It lasts longer than any other medium except metal abrasive materials.
2. It will not pollute the processed metal.
3. Restore the original cleanness and finish of the processed materials.
4. It can speed up cleaning while maintaining the machining accuracy of the original object.
Road marking
1. Sprinkle glass beads
After the paint is marked on the road, the glass beads are sprinkled on the surface of the wet marking paint.
2. Premixed glass beads
Glass beads that are uniformly mixed in the pavement marking paint before it is scribed.
When the car is driving at night, the headlight of the car shines on the marking line with glass beads. The glass beads can make the light source of the car light reflect back in parallel, which can help the driver to see the direction clearly and improve the safety of driving at night. Beads of different sizes and grades, when the upper bead is worn out, the lower bead is exposed and can continue to be used.
Fourth, handicrafts, textile filling
1. Gravity blanket, gravity is filled.
2. Textile liner filling.
3, handicrafts, lipstick, wine bottles and other beads.
4. Stuffed plush toys.

Post time: Jun-13-2022