Mica powder color pigment dye

Name: mica
Composition: natural mica

Usage Method

1. Injection molding;The recommended addition amount of mica powder is 0.8-2%,
Ingredients: first add diffusion oil into the raw material and stir for 1 minute, then add mica powder and stir for 2-3 minutes.


Mica powder characteristics:
High temperature resistance, high temperature resistance up to 800 degrees, no spontaneous combustion, no combustion support.

It is non-conductive. During high voltage and high frequency machining, it will not cause the danger of spark due to electrification.

It is insoluble in water, but can be dispersed in water. It is suitable for the processing of water-based series products.The basic structure of pearlescent pigments is very similar to natural pearls.The only difference is that mica powder titanium pearlescent pigments are flat sandwich bodies, while natural pearls are spherical sandwich bodies.


The reason why mica powder titanium pearlescent pigments have pearl luster is because of pearlescent pigment wafers. Distributed in parallel in the vehicle to cause multiple reflections of light. Like natural pearls, when light hits the surface of mica powder pearlescent pigments, it always reflects most of the incident light and transmits the remaining light to the next layer of pigment wafers, repeating the reflection and transmission of light again. Repeatedly, the incident light is interfered for many times, so that the white composite light is decomposed into colorful monochromatic light, showing colorful colors. Different, the structure of mica pearlescent pigments will be different, and then there will be changes in properties and differences in uses.
First of all, let me introduce to you, the white mica sheet is a mica part with a certain thickness and a certain shape, which is made of thick mica by stripping, dividing, setting thickness, cutting, drilling or punching.The performance of muscovite flakes.
The material is a natural mineral product, which has the characteristics of no pollution, good insulation and good withstand voltage performance. Various specifications of natural mica sheets can be punched according to customer needs.Product use of muscovite flakes.
Applicable to TV sets, power capacitors, thermal relays, monitoring displays of mica powder manufacturers, aerospace, aviation, communications, radar, heat-resistant skeleton sheets, etc. as raw and auxiliary materials, divided into: heater chips, heater guards, gaskets, electronic tubes Because the material is a natural mineral product, it has the characteristics of no pollution, good insulation and good withstand voltage performance. According to customer needs, various specifications of natural mica chips can be punched.Physical properties of muscovite flakes.
Muscovite has good electrical and mechanical properties, good heat resistance, chemical stability and corona resistance, and can be peeled and processed into soft and elastic flakes with a thickness of 0.01 to 0.03 mm. The electrical properties of muscovite are higher than Phlogopite is good, but phlogopite is soft and has better heat resistance than muscovite.

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