The Role Of Volcanic Rocks

1. Volcanic rock (basalt) stone has superior performance and environmental protection. In addition to the general characteristics of ordinary stone, it also has its own unique style and special functions. Compared with granite and other stone materials, the low radioactivity of volcanic rock (basalt) stone makes it safe to use in human living places without the worry of radioactive pollution.

2. Volcanic rock (basalt) stone is weather-resistant, weather-resistant and durable; noise reduction and noise reduction are conducive to improving the auditory environment; simple and natural to avoid glare, which is beneficial to improving the visual environment; "The function can adjust the air humidity and improve the ecological environment, and can be widely used in municipal, enterprises and individuals. All kinds of unique advantages can meet the new fashion of people who pursue simplicity and nature and advocate green environmental protection in building decoration in today's era.

3. Volcanic rock (basalt) is hard and can be used to produce ultra-thin stone slabs. After surface grinding, the gloss can reach more than 85 degrees, the color is bright and pure, and the appearance is elegant and solemn. It is widely used in various building exterior wall decorations , The ground pavement of municipal road squares and residential quarters is also the first choice stone for antique buildings, European-style buildings and garden buildings, and is deeply loved and welcomed by customers at home and abroad. The role of volcanic rocks

Volcanic rock is a new type of functional environmental protection material. It is a very precious porous stone formed after a volcanic eruption. The volcanic rock is evenly covered with pores on the surface, with an antique color, and has weathering resistance, high temperature resistance, sound absorption and noise reduction. , Water absorption, skid resistance, heat resistance, air humidity regulation, and ecological environment improvement; small electrical conductivity, non-radioactive, never fading and other characteristics. Volcanic rock is the natural green and environmentally friendly stone of choice for the exterior of modern buildings. It is suitable for interior and exterior wall decoration of high-end buildings, hotels, guesthouses, villas, municipal roads, squares, residential quarters, gardens, etc. It is also the preferred functional stone for all kinds of antique and retro European-style buildings.

Post time: Jun-13-2022