There are several differences between cosmetic grade mica powder and food grade mica powder:
1. Different uses: Cosmetic-grade mica powder is mainly used in beauty products such as cosmetics, manicures and lipsticks to add luster, pearlescent and high-gloss effects. Food-grade mica powder is mainly used in food processing to increase the gloss and color of food.
2. Different processing techniques: Cosmetic-grade mica powder undergoes cosmetic-grade processing to ensure its safety and applicability. Food-grade mica powder undergoes food-grade processing to ensure compliance with food safety standards.
3. Different safety standards: Cosmetic-grade mica powder needs to meet the safety standards of cosmetics, including testing requirements for skin irritation, allergy and toxicity. Food-grade mica powder needs to comply with food safety standards, including its impact on human health and food processing requirements.
4. Ingredients may differ: The ingredients of cosmetic grade mica powder and food grade mica powder may differ, depending on the requirements of the product. But most mica powder is made from natural mica.
Whether it is cosmetic grade mica powder or food grade mica powder, the corresponding standards and regulations should be followed when selecting and using it to ensure safety and reliability.

Post time: Dec-15-2023