The requirements and standards for food-grade mica powder can refer to the following aspects: Purity requirements: Food-grade mica powder should have high purity, be free of impurities and pathogenic microorganisms, and must not contain heavy metals, toxic substances and other harmful substances. Particle size requirements: Food-grade mica powder is required to have a relatively uniform particle size, generally within a certain range, to ensure solubility and stability during use. Color requirements: Food-grade mica powder should have appropriate color, generally colorless or slightly white, and should not have obvious milky white or different colors. Smell and odor requirements: Food-grade mica powder should not have an obvious odor, and should be odorless or only have a slight odor. Packaging requirements: Food-grade mica powder should use food-grade packaging materials to ensure product hygiene and safety. To sum up, the main requirements for food-grade mica powder include purity, granularity, color, smell and packaging. Specific requirements and standards may vary according to national or regional regulations and standards. It is recommended to check the relevant certification and label information of the product when purchasing.

Post time: Nov-07-2023